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Unpackaging and Care Instructions



Before packaging A final coat of oils will be applied and then the board will be sealed in plastic to maintain protection during shipping. It is almost certain that upon unwrapping the board will still be slick, and/or oily. Simply use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any excess oils.


1. Never submerge in water
2. Do not place in dishwasher or in a microwave


To avoid bacteria, it is important that you wash your cutting board immediately after use.  Wipe the cutting board with hot soapy water, rinse it with hot water only and just wipe it dry with a clean dish towel. Store in a dry area.


I recommend treating the board frequently to repel food particles and prevent stains and cracks from happening. It’s best to treat the board at least once a month,I reccomend treating after each use, and immediately if the board begins to appear dull or dy.


It’s important to make sure that the cutting board is clean and dry before applying any oils or treatments.


Recommendations for care


Cut Lightly

When using your wooden cutting board, make sure you pair it with sharp knives that make cutting easy, and apply minimal pressure to avoid creating deep gashes in your wooden cutting board. If your knives are dull, take them in to a professional knife sharpener—you will be surprised what a difference a sharp knife can make in kitchen prep!


First Disinfect & deodorize using vinegar

I recommend keeping a spray bottle of vinegar handy to disinfect & deodorize your wood cutting board. Acetic acid (white vinegar) is an excellent disinfectant for E. coli, Salmonella, and other household bacteria. Spray vinegar on the wood cutting board, let sit for a few minutes and wipe it with a damp warm cloth.


If necessary, remove stains & deodorize with baking soda

Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of salt and 3 tablespoons hot water to create a non-toxic cleaning agent. Mix these ingredients together to form a paste and scrub the entire surface of the cutting board. Finally, wipe it with a warm wet cloth and dry with a dish towel.  


Next Clean with coarse salt & lemon

For an all-natural clean, first try dampening the wood cutting board with a warm cloth and sprinkling coarse salt over it. Cut a lemon in half and scour the cut side of the lemon over the board while slightly squeezing the lemon juice out. Let it stand for five minutes and use a scrub brush to remove the excess.


Finally, At least once monthly, recondition with Mason’s Wooden Utensil Maintenance Oil (Free 16oz bottle included with purchase of the Elite package, 2oz sample included with all others)

My brand of oil is made of 100% pure food safe ingredients. I personally designed this formula to maximize the life and luster of your board. I highly recommend the use of Mason’s Wooden Utensil Maintenance Oil for conditioning of your board. But of course, there are other less perfected (in my humble opinion) options if you like.


Mineral oil for example is the most used option because it is a safe and cost-effective way to keep your wood cutting board looking great for years. Food safe mineral oil can be purchased at your local drug store or major retailer. 

Apply the oil using a clean cloth and spread evenly over the board. Let the oil set in for a few hours, or even let it set overnight if you can. Afterward, wipe the excess oil off using a dry cloth.


Refurbishing wood cutting board

It is hard to avoid knife marks from accumulating on your cutting board over the years. The wonderful thing about a wood board is that it can be returned to its original splendor. All you need is three different grits of sandpaper (100, 180 and 240). First sand the board with the more course 100 grit, then the 180 and finish with the fine 240 grit. Once you are done with sanding, wash the board, let dry and apply conditioner

If thorough resurfacing should be needed, other than by the way of hand sanding, please be sure to notify me prior so that I can ensure none of the markings utilized for this board’s identification will be affected.

Feel free to contact me should you need a board (even if not one of mine) refurbished.

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