Edge Grain Cutting Board

Edge Grain Cutting Board

This series of designs are crafted using up to 3 individual types of wood.

The edge grain cutting board is made from pieces of wood that have been placed together side by side.  This creates the classic wooden cutting board look so highly sought after. 

Sizes may vary slightly based on current stock of available wood.This board is made roughly 11"x16"x1.75" If you would like a specific size please message me to discuss.All boards come serialized, with a certificate of authenticity, care instructions and will be finished and sealed using Mason's Wooden Utensil Maintenance Oil, which utilizes the perfect blend of all natural Beeswax, Lemon oil, Vitamin E and food grade Mineral oil to enhance the wood's natural beauty while prolonging the life of your piece.


    Returns will only be accepted in the event of defect or damage. If upon receipt you find your board damaged or defective, please email me at DavidMason@davidmasoncreations.com immediately with your board's serial number, a picture of the damage and your contact information. I will work with you to either repair or replace your board as necessary.

    With the exception of recompense for damage at arrival when no other arrangements can be agreed upon , refunds will not be given after 1 of the following events (which ever comes first) 1. The board has been shipped. 2. The board has been engraved.