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Blocks of Wood
Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

Live Edge Charcuterie Boards - Custom Made and One of a Kind, Gorgeous grain color and style that will compliment any décor! Perfect to be used as a serving board or home accent piece. Dimensions vary but the average size is 12" Wide by 30" Long.

Each piece is custom-made and one-of-a-kind. Yours will not look exactly as shown in the photos, however, it may be extremely similar. Exact dimensions can vary slightly depending on the type of wood sourced. Each piece of live edge wood has individual characteristics, making each board unique. 

Fractal Burning is a technique where direct electricity is applied to the piece burning an intricate pattern along the surface, thereby making the piece even more unique. (Please note that this is an extremely dangerous technique that should never be attempted by those without proper training and understanding of the proper process.) I then add colored epoxy to the burns to make the design stand out. I will discuss color options with you after purchase, but feel free to reach of with any questionsbeforehand.

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